Monday, March 12, 2012

Who Dwells in Your House

Psalm 26:8
8I love the house where you live,
O Lord,
the place where your glory dwells.

David recited this prayer asking for God's discernment on one who has served faithfully and to not let him suffer a death like those of the wicked. David asked God to restore him. David said he loves the house where the Lord lives. Before Jesus bestowed the Holy Spirit among us, the Lord would only dwell in the tabernacle and the temple. Only the priests could enter the Lord's presence in the tabernacle. But now, because Jesus paid the price for our sins and sent the Holy Spirit,  we have free access to the Lord. But just because there's a physical building, it doesn't mean the Lord is there. Where does the Lord live? He can live within us through the Holy Spirit if we let Him. The church is the people. If we are filled with love for the Lord and call upon Him to send His Holy Spirit, then the Lord can be wherever we are. The Lord can be in our home, job, school, car, wherever we are. Yes, like TV, On-Demand. Too many of us only seek His presence once a week if that. Why not let it be everyday? Or is it that we only want His presence when it suits our lifestyle? Wouldn't you rather be wherever the Lord is? The Lord provides love, safety, counsel, joy, laughter, comfort, peace and the list goes on. Who doesn't want any of these? Does not the Lord dwell in your house? If he doesn't, then who does?

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