Sunday, August 16, 2015

He Will Do It!

Psalm 37:3-4
3Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness. 4Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.
Trusting in the Lord means that you may not always understand when He says to do something. It may even be the opposite of what you would do. But trust what He says anyway. Isaiah 55 says that your thoughts are not His thoughts nor are your ways His ways.
Case in point, more than three years ago the Lord instructed me to do something that I struggled with for months. What He desired me to do was the opposite of what I would normally do and not my way. But I eventually had to trust the Lord's prompting on what He desired of me. It was a faith step because I didn't understand it. It was confirmed by a minister of the Lord that I was doing God's will and my faithfulness would be honored. At the time, I did not understand how necessary the move was. My focus turned to the vision God gave me and the dreams I had as a little girl. One dream was already accomplished by God's favor. As the Lord continued to grant me favor, He instructed me to reach back and extend that favor to others. Fast forward to August 2014. I was an attendee at the African American Author's Expo with two of the five first author clients under Get Your JOY In The Morning! LLC.  I said to one, my next goal is to start a publishing company and I hope all of you will eventually come with me. By October of that year, a dear friend said, "with what you already do, why haven't you started your own publishing company?" I said, "it's coming in God's time."  He said, "well I will pray that God makes a way for you to do it."  When I shared with another close friend, at that time, they said, "Amen" meaning they stood in agreement according to the will of God. Fast forward to 2015. I bless God for being introduced to the Publisher & CEO of The Divine Voice Magazine ( As my relationship and with the magazine has grown, God began to re-ignite that goal. As He did it in me, so He did in the Publisher & CEO of The Divine Voice Magazine. One year to the day, during the African American Author's Empowerment & Expo, I am truly blessed to say that Get Your JOY In The Morning! LLC has partnered with The Divine Voice to create Divine Voice Publishing ( I am the author liaison and mentor for Divine Voice Publishing. For those of you who have expressed previously your desire to write and become published authors, God has now opened another door of more favor that I may reach back and assist others who God has given a dream and a story to share. I can only help those who are willing to trust in the Lord and step out on faith.
Please see below for submission guidelines and the special we are running. You can send your manuscripts directly to me or submit via I look forward to seeing more of you achieve your purpose and dreams you never thought were possible but delight yourself in Him and He will do it according to His will.