Thursday, May 3, 2012

Losing the Luster

Lamentations 4:1a
1aHow the gold has lost its luster, the fine gold become dull.

Do you know what happens when gold loses its luster? It turns from bright and shiny to not only dull looking but if it's not real or only gold plated, it turns an ugly shade of green. Zion was once considered God's pride and joy but because of sin (anything not pleasing to God), Zion lost its glow. Losing your glow in the Lord can come very easily if you willingly take part in the things He says not to and know you shouldn't. Disobedience was the very first sin so that's the sin most prevalent in every child born into this world. It's the DNA of Adam but the DNA of Jesus is what we ALL ought to strive for. Jesus' DNA is of obedience. That's why we are follower's of Christ. Losing one's luster isn't just about losing a glow. It's about losing the favor of God. How can you lose your favor? God simply removes His hand from your life and everything He once blessed He can easily curse. The likability you once had among everyone can become frustration and irritation. Every plan you have God can shut every door. No it's not something that has to last forever but the length of time really depends on when you get to a place where you are ready to SUBMIT to Him as the final authority in your life. God is always present but He will show you what it's like to get a dead signal on his phone line.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When Love Calls

Acts 9:10
10In Damascus there was a disciple named Ananias. The Lord called to him in a vision, "Ananias!"
"Yes Lord," he answered.

God is the very definition of love because he gave up His only son, Jesus Christ to save us all from sin though many are still captive by it as a choice. Saul persecuted anyone who preached Jesus as Savior and Son of God. Saul was on his way to get permission to launch an all out attack against followers of Christ when Jesus stopped him in his tracks and left him blind. Jesus later changed Saul's name to Paul who was the apostle responsible for taking the word of God to the Gentiles. While Saul was still in his temporary state of blindness, the Lord called Ananias. Just as the song by Atlantic Starr When Love Calls says "you better answer," you better answer when the Lord calls your name. "Because it might be a big mistake if you decide to hesitate." The Lord who loves you calls your name for a reason and it would be beneficial to your future to answer. Ananias was perplexed because he knew the reputation of Saul. But the Lord assured him that what he had planned would no longer be a concern. The Lord took care of it. The Lord has a way of taking care of situations and immobilizing the schemes of the enemy or anyone associated with him. What the Lord does is not your concern, all you have to remember is "you better listen when God calls your name and answer.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Defenseless from Lack of Self-Control?

Proverbs 25:28
28Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control.

Did you know that self-control is a fruit of the spirit? Of what spirit? It is the fruit or by-product of the Holy Spirit. King Solomon knew a lot about lack of self-control. He himself suffered from it. The Lord warned him about intermarriage with those who were not of his heritage (his belief). King Solomon had over 700 wives and 300 concubines and as the word says in 1Kings 11:3 "and his wives led him astray". God knew that King Solomon's lust for women would drive a wedge between them. Yes, there are things and/or people that can come between you and your relationship with Christ. Because of his inability to control himself, King Solomon lost the majority of his kingdom. The Lord only spared him because He made a promise to his father King David and vowed not to break it. Lack of self-control leaves one defenseless and unable to regain footing when dealing with them. It can be sex, food, TV, gambling, lying, etc. But most often, one is willing to be captive or slave to that one thing. But that one thing can stand between you and God. And only God can save you from it. In order to be delivered, you have to toss it when the Lord says toss it. King Solomon, though he was the richest and wisest king of the Old Testament, never had to fight in the battlefield. His battle was within his soul (mind and emotions). Don't allow your soul to be captive because then, your spirit is up for grabs.  

Monday, April 30, 2012

Do You Hear Him Calling You?

Mark 10:49
49Jesus stopped and said, "Call him." So they  called to the blind man, "Cheer up! On your feet! He's calling you."

Have you ever heard Jesus call your name? The blind man named Bartimaeus had a need. He called out for Jesus but to everyone else's surprise, Jesus called back for the blind man. How wonderful it is to hear Jesus calling you. He calls daily but you turn a deaf ear. What if Jesus turned a deaf ear to you in your hopeless situation? Oh where would you be then? Jesus calls you before you get into that willful sin. He calls you while you're in it. And He even calls you when you're so deep in the mess you don't know how to get out of it. Yes, Jesus restored the blind man's sight but he had to answer when Jesus called him. Do you hear Him calling your name? He is calling your name but you have to answer for your salvation. You have to answer for your deliverance and you have to answer for your blessing.