Monday, December 9, 2019

Media Projects Update

Listed below are active media projects to keep you in the loop.

I am an associate producer on the film "Doggmen" starring rappers/actors DMX and Eric B from Eric B and Rakim, actresses Nahla Da Silva and Paige Meade (both from London) and a host of other actors along with producers Peter Allen from the film "Takers" and Antonio Simmons of Black Eye Entertainment. "Doggmen" is like the show "Power" but on steroids. Production on the film actually began in April of this year but we are ramping up again to film in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Miami beginning this month. We are slated for release in midyear 2020 in Regal Cinema theaters across the country. You can see more on the official Internet Movie Database (IMDb) page for "Doggmen," Instagram @doggmen and the website is

My team and I are filming the pilot episode for the new web series, "Blended Bliss" in early 2020. "Blended Bliss" is a spin off of "Broken Pieces" but is a sitcom (situational comedy) that focuses on life as a blended family with an extra twist. If you haven't already seen "Broken Pieces," it is available on Amazon Prime Video. It is free for those who already have an Amazon Prime subscription.

I am the screenwriter, director, casting director and associate producer for an upcoming film franchise titled "The Empty Walls" currently in the pre production phase. The focus of the film is about overcoming, whether abuse or other personal struggles. We have an updated cast promo video to share to let you know who has joined the project. We will have a major casting call for extras in two cities in 2020. Details will be made available after the new year.

*Please note, product/service/artist placement opportunities are available on ALL three projects. The opportunities are ways to expand a company's or artist's brand awareness and exposure just like seeing Coke or Pepsi prominently placed in a film. These opportunities are another form of marketing and are for those who see the value of investing in themselves.*

Men are anxious to improve their circumstances but, are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound. ~James Allen