Friday, February 10, 2012

Who Knows About It?

Psalm 66:16
16Come and listen, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me.

The psalmist is giving praise to God. He recognized that only God could save the people of Israel from trouble. The psalmist was aware that deliverance is only of God. True abundance is only of God. God brought the people of Israel from slaves to an abundance. It couldn't be done by pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps. For if they attempted, the straps would've broken. Only God can lift a burden such as the one the people of Israel experienced. For this, praise is in order. The psalmist also says those that fear God. So many do not fear God enough these days. Yes, our God is a God of second chances, but when God is tired of our stubbornness, He lets us experience things we would rather not. If you fear God and He has done something for you who knows about it? Who is aware of His goodness in your life? Let us not take for granted the ability to praise God with our lips. There are some who are mute.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let the Past Die

1Peter 4:3
3For you have spent enough time in the past doing what pagans choose to do-living in debauchery, lust, drunkenness, orgies, carousing and detestable idolatry.

The apostle Peter addressed the Gentile Christians scattered across Asia Minor. Gentiles were unlike the Jews in that they did not grow up in the holiness lifestyle and belief of that of the Jews. The Gentiles were converted to have a belief in Jesus Christ and God the Father. The Gentiles once lived as pagans but after conversion left their pagan lifestyle. Peter wanted to encourage the Gentiles because he knew they were looked at as strange for no longer participating in the lifestyle they knew. Guess what? We're still looked at strange for not doing what the world does. Just as Peter said, we did enough of all the things listed in our past. The apostle Paul said we are a new creation in 2Corinthians 5:17. So why then do so many of us attempt to put our past back on like dirty rags? Let the past die. It is the old skin we once lived in. We cannot please God and sinful man at the same time. As Peter said, the pagans made a choice. We've already made our choice as followers of Christ. Now it's time for us to live that choice. The Holy Spirit is the revealer of ALL truth. We know when we're not in line with the choice we declared before our Lord. As we grow in our Christian faith, the Lord will strip us of our old life. But we must make the choice to grow. Afraid of missing something by continuing to live in the past? It's the present and the future that the Lord has for each of us that will be greatly missed if we refuse to let the past die.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Allocate It

Joshua 13:6
6As for all the inhabitants of the mountain regions from Lebanon to Misrephoth Maim, that is, all the Sidonians, I myself will drive them out before the Israelites. Be sure to allocate this land to Israel for an inheritance, as I have instructed you,

Joshua received a word from the Lord that though he was old and led the Israelites into the promise land, the Lord still had more land for them. The Lord told Joshua to allocate the land to Israel. Though it was occupied by foreigners at the moment, God himself would drive them out. Can you imagine God giving you what He promised you and then tell you there's more? Then to say that He would drive out what's there to prepare for you? The Lord essentially said no matter who's in the land right now, I said it's yours so take note and be prepared to enter it. How awesome is that? The Lord showed Joshua what was coming. And though it hadn't arrived yet, Joshua had to prepare for it. How many times does the Lord work on our behalf to prepare a blessing for us? Are we ready to receive it? What has the Lord shown you? When the Lord says it's yours, be like Joshua, allocate it.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are You Furthering the Cause?

Acts 8:4
4Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.

"Those" were witnesses to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The church was going through persecution in Jerusalem. So many believers in Christ had to retreat to other places. The persecution of the church did not hinder their testimony of the gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ was spread by many who were considered to be the least in society. Jesus gave a command that His message be spread throughout the earth. Indeed, the persecution and the scattering of the church in Jerusalem ensured the continuance of the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20. The idea that though the followers were under persecution, their faith remained strong. It gave them more reason to proclaim their faith. 'Wherever they went' means exactly that. Wherever the witnesses set foot, their lives and mouths became a living testimony of the love and redemption Jesus represents. Wherever you tread, are you a witness? Is your life a living testimony? Are people able to see the working of Christ in your life? Are you furthering the cause of Christ or is it coming to a halt?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cutting the Learning Curve

Proverbs 15:21
21Folly delights a man who lacks judgement, but a man of understanding keeps a straight course.

The enemy of our souls loves nothing more than to see God's children fall off the wagon of purpose. He loves nothing more than to see the plans of the Lord for our lives crumble by our own means. The easiest way is through our own folly. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines folly as 1. lack of good sense 2. a foolish act or idea:foolishness 3. an excessively costly or unprofitable undertaking. We've all made mistakes. The biggest way to recover from a mistake/folly is to learn the lesson so it's not repeated and get back to the business of living out the Lord's will and purpose for our lives, even if it means starting over. Many of us unfortunately repeat our follies because we lack the humility necessary to admit that we did not utilize good judgement. We fear we will be looked at wrong for admitting we messed up. The Lord knows what we will do before we ever do it. He gives us the opportunity to learn the lesson because we are to grow from it. Having understanding means having the knowledge necessary to not be swayed by folly. We cannot shake our fists at God when He's taken the time to provide us with the Holy Spirit and a gut feeling when things are off or heading in the wrong direction. We have time to turn back because God provides a way out for His children who call on Him.  Some follies cost more than others but if we seek God and learn quickly, we can cut our learning curve tremendously.

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