Wednesday, May 31, 2017

As Summer Begins

Good Evening,

A couple of weeks ago I had the awesome and humbling honor to be the lunchtime speaker for a local county's Head Start teachers' and bus drivers' in service day as a survivor of child sex abuse, author and advocate. In light of the investigative reports about Prince George's County, Maryland's Head Start debacle last year and the recent death of an 8month old in a Baltimore daycare, I truly believe the event was timely. It hit home for some of the teachers to learn how old I really was when I had my first of multiple encounters of child sex abuse. Yes, I felt the tears and heartbreak in the room. I was reminded of one thing at the time I felt heartbreak of those who serve parents and children, their love for them. I encouraged them to remember to love the children. When children are hurt at the hands of people who are supposed to care for them, they don't feel loved. I was complimented and to God I owe all the credit. I am living proof that a child who has been abused can not only survive but can thrive. I shared that therapy is not a dirty word.

As school is winding down for many students in the next week or so and you embark on sending your children to summer camps, day cares, etc, remember to teach them about appropriate vs inappropriate touching. If you need additional resources on how to start this conversation, please feel free to contact me.  A moment of prevention beats finding healing from a pain that will turn their world upside down, post traumatic stress disorder, long term effects, etc. I am a living witness. But I am blessed that pain has been turned into purpose. To God be the glory!
Be well,