Monday, January 16, 2017


Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

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Time is Limited

Isaiah 38:5

5"Go and tell Hezekiah, 'Thus says the Lord, the God of David your father: "I have heard your prayer; I have seen your tears; surely I will add to your days fifteen more years."

King Hezekiah was originally told by the prophet Isaiah "to get your house in order for you shall die and not live."  What was King Hezekiah's response? He turned his face to the wall and prayed asking God to  remember him and how he had served Him. And then he wept. God heard his prayer and gave him more time.

Did you know that "with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day?" You can find it written in the New Testament in 2 Peter. Time. Time is what many try to manage while others waste. Do you know how precious time is? Do you know the reason you are still here is because you are being given another chance to fulfill that which God put you here to do? Are you working on it? Do you know what you are here to do? When Bishop T.D. Jakes paid a visit to our church to sign copies of his latest book, "Destiny," he said, "too many people are chasing a check and not enough people are chasing purpose." What are you chasing?

I ask that because I just found out a few days ago, my cousin, who was about to complete his second masters and working in the field of psychology to help people passed away. He was barely 50yrs old. His death makes the second in my family on one side in the last four months. For me, his departure is number four in the last four months. I learned yesterday a childhood neighbor I had in my birthplace passed the day after my cousin which would make number five. I have lost my aunt, my boyfriend, my step grandmother, my cousin and a former neighbor in such a short period. The message I continue to receive is that time is limited and I must complete what God gave me to do.

I already received a second chance in 2008, as many of you already know through previous writings and my book, "Get Your JOY In The Morning."  I do not know when that second chance will end but I am working to get things done. It would also explain the many challenges and obstacles I have endured. As the prophecy was given. I share with you as I do because I know we are ALL on limited time. We do not know the day nor hour any of us will be called to return. The one thing I ask, I ask that this year, you not only exam what you are truly called to do but I ask that once the Lord reveals to you His instructions that you do not delay. My cousin didn't finish. My boyfriend didn't finish. They were working hard to do so. Whatever it is that you are called to do, get it done. It is arrogant for any of us to assume we have all the time in the world to fulfill our purpose. We do not. Time is limited. Why have you delayed? What distractions and emotions are holding you back? When the Lord asks you what you have done with the time He's given you, how will you respond?

P.S. I told you every once in a while you will still receive a written message as God gives to me though He is expanding the forms of communication. Blessings