Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Pressure Point

John 11:4

Sometimes, God has to allow things to get to the point where they look like they can't be salvaged, so HE will get the glory. If you could fix it in your timing so there is no trouble, you'd do it right? But then, who gets the recognition? Certainly, not God. No one likes the pressure point of any situation.

Jesus was with the disciples when He learned about Lazarus being ill. Jesus took His time. Not because HE didn't love Lazarus, for it is written that Jesus loved him. But Lazarus had to suffer. Lazarus had to suffer so others would believe that when he came out, it was nobody but by the son of God. Lazarus had to suffer to the point of death, so the faith of others would increase. Has GOD ever allowed things to look so bleak in an area of your life? Has GOD ever allowed something to look like it couldn't be turned around? Sometimes your suffering isn't for you. The word talks about us comforting others in the way we have been comforted. It's so the people around you can have belief when GOD does show up. When Jesus did show up and called Lazarus by name to get up, he did. Close calls are not by accident.

Jesus himself had to endure the negative pressure of being blamed for something he didn't do and being sentenced to death for it, so that so many of us would believe in His existence when He broke free of death. The word talks about patience in suffering. Would you suffer willingly, if it meant others would believe who GOD is and what HE is doing in your life? Some may say yes. But even Jesus asked for the cup of suffering to be removed. No one likes this part of the journey. The part of the journey where you have to look like the fool and be hurt until GOD delivers. But how would anyone know GOD is in control if they didn't have to see you look like you've been knocked down for the last time?

The next time you are at a pressure point, instead of asking God, "why me," ask, "besides me, who is it that you want to reveal your presence to?" You may be surprised.