Saturday, August 18, 2012

Do You Have Saturday, August 25th Marked on Your Calendar?

I will be at Family Christian Bookstore on Saturday, August 25th from 12pm-4pm in the Gateway Overlook Shopping Center in Elkridge, MD just off Rt. 175 & Rt. 108 near the Beltway. Are you stopping by anytime during 12-4pm to show your love for the Word of God and the woman of God He's been delivering messages through? Tell a friend too!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

By the Time the Storm Passes

Job 21:15

15  Who is the almighty, that we should serve him? What would we gain by praying to him?

Did you know that there are some people God has blessed that don't desire to acknowledge Him, have a relationship with Him or serve Him? Job, once an extremely wealthy man loved and served the Lord. He was tested because he was faithful. Have you ever been tested because you were faithful? Job lost everything. He lost his wealth, his health and even his family. Now that's broke. Broke in spirit that is. But even in his test, he still loved God. He questioned God though. He also pointed out how there are some that God has blessed tremendously with material wealth and even a peaceful death, yet during their walking among the earth they would not part their lips to acknowledge the Lord, serve Him or utter a prayer of thanksgiving. Yet Job, who faithfully did so was struck with hardship. It's the hardest thing to see a "good person" go through but if you truly love the Lord and He calls you His own, you cannot be tested by the enemy without permission by God. The test, like for Job, is to prove to the enemy that your love for the Lord is true no matter what you circumstance. Many will praise the Lord in the good times and will curse Him when trials hit.  In many cases you enter a trial not understanding why but by the time the storm passes you faith has increased, your relationship with the Lord is stronger and growth has taken place. Whatever the enemy means for harm, God will work it for your good if you refer to Romans 8:28. But what about those that have been blessed and do not acknowledge the Lord, serve Him and praise Him? If the Lord desires to take it all away, either one of  two things will happen. Either they will fall to their knees and finally submit to the Lord or they will simply curse Him. Either way, the heart condition will be made known. Finally submitting may even cause the Lord to show compassion and restore what was lost or the continued cursing of the Lord can cause the hardship to remain. It's a choice. Job, in his hardship still loved the Lord. When it was all over, he received double what he had before the trial. What will you gain by serving Him and praying to Him? Read the book of Job.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Personal Encounter

Galatians 1:13
13 For you have heard of my previous way of life in Judaism, how intensely I persecuted the church of God and tried to destroy it.

Did you know that for every time you are doing what the Lord has asked of you and become a target of anger, jealousy, hate, violence, user/leach mentality, etc that it is actually a direct insult and persecution of Christ? The apostle gave the example of what he used to do before God called him and changed his name from Saul to Paul. Did you realize Paul used to carry the same name as one in the Old Testament who was full of disobedience and persecuted one whom the Lord Sent? Jesus told the disciples that they would encounter hate because of His name and the work He called them to do. But do you really understand that the negative feelings toward you is actually beyond you? It's the contempt for the Lord by the evil spirits and heart conditions that one has not been delivered from that is being directed at you. Remember, the enemy of our souls can use anyone to target you as long as there's an open door. If you saw the movie "The Avengers" then you understand the concept. There were indeed Biblical references. But the character Noki symbolized Satan and he was quick and could transform. When he arrived, he quickly examined the hearts of those he needed to use and when he found an open door of negativity, he changed them and used them for his purpose. Yes, that's exactly how Satan operates. He looks for the sin and that's his open door. The only way to get him out, is Jesus. For Paul who was then Saul, that was the only way he would stop persecuting-having a personal encounter with Jesus. Realize that many who target you have not truly had a personal encounter with Jesus no matter how many times they may have entered a sanctuary or who they know or even if they  have a praying grandma. Just like personal encounter with sin is the only way for Satan to get in, so only a personal encounter with Christ is the only way out of the anger, jealousy, hate, violence, user/leach mentality, etc.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Real Acceptance, No Pawns

2Samuel 19:41

41Soon all the men of Israel were coming to the king and saying to him, "Why did our brothers, the men of Judah, steal the king away and bring him and his household across the Jordan, together with all his men?"

There's nothing like wanting to be recognized or associated with someone high profile that brings out jealousy. This attitude however can be deadly as it proved to be later. Going back to Genesis, Isaac, the promise of Abraham and Sarah had two sons, Jacob and Esau. Jacob out of jealousy and his mother's prompting, tricked Esau and stole his birthright. Jacob was later tricked. The woman he was in love with and wanted to marry, Rachael, was held from him and while he was intoxicated and in the dark of the night his father in law, Laban, brought to him Rachel's older sister Leah. He had to wait another seven years to marry the woman his heart longed for. Between Rachel and Leah, Jacob had twelve sons. The sons became the heads of the twelve tribes of Israel. Two of those tribes were Benjamin and Judah. King Saul was from the tribe of Benjamin and at the time of this scripture King Saul and his entire household had already been killed as was prophesied by Samuel. King David had become ruler and he was from the tribe of Judah.  Why all the background? Because it puts in perspective the jealousy taking place. The tribe of Benjamin lost their ruler due to his disobedience. So they felt they needed to be associated with King David since the LORD replaced Saul with David. Those that were associated with the same tribe as David were the ones who actually ensured the safe travel of the royal family across the waters of the Jordan. The tribe of Benjamin approached the tribe of Judah about it. Well one emerged from the tribe of Benjamin and ignited the problem even further. He declared that since the tribe of Judah wanted to lay claim to the King, then the Benjamin tribe should not follow the leadership of the king. Bitterness was still present and then it led to jealousy.  In the middle of all this David played favorites in his own army and it led to the death of one while in pursuit of the man who rebelled against King David. The lesson, remember who you are in Christ regardless of anyone's position or status. Remembering who Christ created you to be is the way for you to keep out of the bitterness, jealousy and anger over wanting to be recognized. The main reason for it is simply wanting to be loved and accepted. When you know Christ loves and accepts you, being played as a pawn isn't necessary, nor groveling for the sake of false love. Real acceptance and love does not require any of what took place. As a leader, it is better to treat everyone as equals. It's what keeps jealousy and bitterness at bay. Treat others as you want to be treated. You always reap what you sow as is God's law.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Doubters

1Corinthians 15:7
7Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles,

James in this scripture is the half-brother of Jesus. The apostle Paul was describing the resurrection of Christ to the church in Corinth and to whom Jesus appeared. Did you know that Jesus' brother James refused to believe Jesus' true nature? Yes, most of his family didn't. His brothers challenged him at one point because they felt it strange that he didn't want everyone to know he could perform miracles. Jesus' response then was that it was not time for him to be revealed. Can you imagine being the brother of Jesus? James refused to believe Jesus' true nature until after the resurrection. He watched Jesus die on the cross. James was with the women the morning Jesus appeared to them. Only then did he believe. So much so that he became a leader in the church of Jerusalem and was the author of the book of James in the New Testament. Paul, like James, once did not believe Jesus to be the Son of God. The greatest doubters usually have to have a severe experience before belief takes place. It's the same today. Most have to watch a miracle take place before their very eyes in order to believe. Watching something that they know couldn't have happened by natural means. For James and Paul, it was seeing Christ himself. Who knows what it will be for those you know who don't believe but claim to in order to keep the peace. Jesus knows. But in the end "every knee shall bow and every tongue must confess."

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