Thursday, November 27, 2014

Let it Be

Proverbs 20:3
It is honorable for a man to stop striving since any fool can start a quarrel.
As many family and friends are gathering this day to give thanks, celebrate and be filled with great food and even the tradition of football for those in the U.S., many personalities will mingle. In doing so, not all have the same ideas and views. Please remember that your desire to "be right" or have the "most correct view" at the dinner table ought not be so excessive and self-seeking. Your age, your lifestyle and experience need not be presented in an offensive way but rather be conscious of your words. Please remember that you must be respectful of everyone's opinion and feelings when expressed. Please remember that the word says that pride goes before the fall. You may prove to be correct in an idea but at the point that it causes strife and/or leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many in the room means being wrong in how you have stirred confusion and discord. The word says that God is not the author of confusion. Thanksgiving is to be a peaceful, happy and joyous time. Let it be so.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Working it Out

1Timothy 5:24-25
The apostle Paul cautioned the young minister Timothy, who was his son in the ministry to be careful about receiving accusations of any kind against the elders or leaders. With that being said, Paul also made it known that the "sins of some are clearly evident...but those of some men follow later." We have learned a lot in the public eye about those considered to be icons both in the church and in Hollywood over the last years. I am not saying it is not true nor am I saying it is true. The word says that what is done in the dark shall be brought to light. So just because no one sees doesn't mean God can't see. Just because no one else hears doesn't mean God doesn't hear. I saw a segment about a documentary this week of some of the young men of Hollywood who had been sexually abused throughout their early careers. The self-destruction that I speak of in my book, "Shh Don't Tell" followed some of these young men who are now no longer. Living with the intolerable pain without help bears an unyielding weight.  It was like a secret society of "that's what we do." One thing is clear, the young man who was responsible for the documentary said like many childhood survivors, he felt like he had no voice. It is a horrible thing for something of that nature to be committed and to feel, believe and know that no one will believe or hear you because of another's "status."  One of the Hollywood abusers served time for his offenses as a case was launched against him. Other men from Hollywood who had survived gave their interviews as well.
The word also says in Matthew 5 that if you are making an offering to Christ and know someone has something against you, then you ought to address it with that person. Going before God as with clean hands without a clean heart is not right. And to the other, keeping silent about offenses without it being addressed can harbor a spirit of bitterness. And bitterness is not of God. Bitterness can become as a wrath against others when not addressed. It may not even be done consciously but sub-consciously. Whether it was committed against you or you are the offender, address the issue, apologize, forgive and work on not continuing in the offenses so that you may live in peace. Forgiveness is a difficult thing to do as my dear pastor has preached on but is necessary. So is admitting that you have committed the offense. There is humility in admitting as my dear sister has spoken of in class in church.