Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Suicide Awareness

I posted this writing on my social media this morning but I wanted to share it with you. What I am about to share is an uncomfortable subject in the Black community. Why? Because we are always looked at as strong because we have survived so much as a people. We are human and we bear a lot of weight. We have to start talking.

In the 10years since my aunt's passing, never have I posted this. Felt strongly compelled to share today. My Aunt Jackie would've had a birthday this month. But sadly, 10years ago she committed suicide. She had received devastating news about her health. She had many struggles and even sought the church to help rid her of her personal thorns. I was on the East Coast Regional from Philly to Baltimore as I would normally be on a Thursday. That day, I suddenly got this feeling in the Spirit that something was wrong with one of the sisters of my last living Grandma. I called my Mom to inquire. My Mom made a call. She then called me back with her number. I called to check. My aunt said she had been worried about Aunt Jackie because Aunt Jackie had seemed so distraught. She repeatedly said she was going to kill herself. My Aunt said she told her to stop saying it and that she didn't mean it. Well then she hadn't heard from Aunt Jackie in a week and was worried. She sent Aunt Jackie's only daughter to check on her. When my baby cousin arrived, she found her Mom dead. She had been dead an entire week. She did what she said. We had 2 funerals in 30 days. We buried another aunt, a sister to my Great Grandma less than 30 days prior due to illness. My now late Cousin Connie, shipped her Mom back to PA for us to memorialize her October 2007. Just like that, we had a second funeral. 😢
My point, when someone isn't doing well, DO NOT take for granted that they will be okay. Their comments to you may be the only cry for help they give. I felt Aunt Jackie this morning. My program for her memorial is buried in a box around here but I know this is a prompting for someone to see and hear. Love you Aunt Jackie!!!