Sunday, June 10, 2018

Vision Brings Consciousness of Time

Joel 2:28-29

Yesterday, when God pressed upon me to share this message on my Facebook, I really didn't think it was for everyone beyond those on my Facebook, not even the Get Your JOY In The Morning page. But He has continued to press upon me that this message is to be shared with even more. Everyone is not on Facebook and some have that are may not see it with the new logarithms. 

I am still dealing with visions GOD showed me more than 20years ago, in some cases more than 30. I say this because not every vision is fun and some are a mixed bag. The last two yrs many of you have watched me as I have been watching a particularly disturbing 27yr old vision play out. You may not know but my Great Granddad passed the day before my birthday. Another death occurred on another side of my family within a day after my stage production. One that GOD had me praying for long before I knew of the terminal illness overtaking them. It is not easy but I thank GOD for HIS grace being sufficient and the power of prayer. "We only see in part" as the Word says. In Matrix Reloaded, the Oracle talked to Neo about "seeing without time" because he began having visions that troubled him but no "construct" of its timing. I have also been truly blessed to watch some beautiful visions play out. In the Bible, Joseph and Daniel also saw "without time."  As a matter of fact, Daniel once asked an angel when a particular vision would occur. But the angel told him that was not the concern. The odd thing, when you have visions and see them unfold, you become more conscious of time. 🕛 I love you! What are you doing with your time? If you understand the things you see around you, then you already know the time we are in. You never know how long you have to complete what GOD gave you to do. Now this is separate from some of the more saddened news. Please pray, continue to love and be a help but you must keep moving in what HE said to do despite what you see.

Be Well