Thursday, March 8, 2012

From the Heart

Good Morning Everyone,

This is not your typical daily message. The Lord has laid it upon my heart to share something with you today. Those of you who have my book and have read it will know SOME of this testimony. This is a message.

It was 4 years ago this morning, then a Saturday, that I struggled to get out of my bed. I did not have the flu but I struggled to breathe and just walking down the steps in my house took as much energy as it takes to walk a mile. I received an emergency call from a doctor who had done a basic check up/blood work to find out what no young person expects to hear. According to medical results, I would be dead in approximately 48hours. A dear friend of mine was on my cell phone overhearing the conversation with the doctor on the house phone. And it was even too much for her at the moment. As sick as my body felt, I was not far from collapsing in my house, and the reality, no one would've known. The doctors couldn't explain the source of my problem. I will say that there estimates were wrong because the Lord says when our time is up, man can only guess. But the struggle for the next few months really was about finding the source and staying alive. The conversation was the same, I didn't have long. But again, the Lord says when our time is up, not man. Do I know Jesus heals? Yes, I do! I'm still living with what was eventually discovered but now at another level in my healing process. But the message isn't just about Jesus being a healer. It's about understanding that you ought not wait til the Lord gets you to death's door to want to walk in purpose. The daily messages started 3yrs ago this month, this year. My trip to the emergency room was exactly 3yrs after my stepfather took his trip to the hospital the week before he died. If I can offer you nothing else, please do not die on full but die on empty. Empty because you've fulfilled the purpose for which the Lord has created you whether in the business world or ministry. Everything you do is supposed to be to His glory.

Depending on my mood I can laugh about what happened now. The few friends and family that I did let in during this time still have a hard time talking about it let alone laughing. I laugh because I can say that I know Jesus for myself. Do you? Is what you're doing with your life giving Him glory or are you just existing? Has he given you a gift that you think is insignificant? Do not wait..for this is from the heart.

P.S. I had the awesome privilege last night to attend a screening of the upcoming independent film Life, Love, Soul which will be in theaters for a 7-city release at AMC Theaters the weekend of April 13th. It truly is a movie that will take you through a range of emotions. The writer/director Noel Calloway tells the journey of a young man who loses everything to find himself. Seeing so few fathers encouraged Noel to write the screenplay. It shows raw emotions of the African-American man. The ones that the rest of the world are not privy to. Some of the cast and crew were present for a Q&A. The film stars Jamie Hector from "CSI Miami" and "The Wire", Terri J. Vaughn of "Meet the Browns" and the "Steve Harvey Show" andTami Roman of "Basketball Wives".  I highly recommend the movie and that you go out in droves to see it throughout opening weekend! View the trailer at

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Change" Agent

Proverbs 27:22
22Though you grind a fool in mortar, grinding him like grain with a pestle, you will not remove his folly from him.

Per the NIV Study Bible, mortar is a bowl and a pestle is a club-like tool used to pound grain in the bowl. This activity was used to alter or change the appearance of grain to make it more useful for cooking. King Solomon used this analogy because altering the state of grain during his time was a very tedious and harsh process as opposed to the exuberant machinery we have now for altering grain that makes it much quicker. No matter how severe a punishment one may inflict on another, if change is not what they want within themselves, it will not happen unless the Lord steps in. Many of us have fallen short to the idea that we can "change" a person or "make" them better. This would assume that the process is from outward actions. Change has to take place on the inside. But one has to be left with no recourse but change as the alternative and even then, it's still a choice. The Lord gave us free will. Free will to choose from right and wrong. No matter how high the stakes, if one doesn't desire change, we can't make them. Many of us have been caught in the "I can change them" scenario but it's a road that leads to nowhere but frustration to the attempted "change" agent. If the problem is a problem now, only the Lord can deliver them from it but the deliverance has to be desired. Deliverance from what? From whatever is undesirable. King Solomon refers to those who lack the desire for change as fools. Fools do not see what they're doing as wrong. And even if it's pointed out to them, they would rather be on the wrong path then right because it's what they know. Change requires doing and being someone better. Not everyone wants to be better simply because they don't want to or believe they can't be. The next time anyone makes attempts at "changing" someone, remember the tedious process of grinding grain in a bowl.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blessed Are The Eyes That See

Luke 10:23
23Then he turned to his disciples and said privately, "Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.

Many heard the prophesies about Jesus hundreds of years before his physical birth. Many longed to see the work he would do while walking along the earth. But it was the privilege of the disciples to see with their own eyes the work of Jesus. For those that heard the prophesies about Jesus, it took a level of vision to even remotely conceive of the things done in His ministry. It was indeed an honor for the disciples to be eyewitnesses but it was also an honor for those who learned under the sound of His voice. Those from hundreds of years prior did not understand the voice of Jesus. Vision is important, not just from a literal sense but from a spiritual sense. While Jesus is working, if one is plagued with spiritual blindness, how can they see? The Pharisees were witnesses of Jesus' work yet they still did not see.  According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, vision is something seen otherwise than by ordinary sight and also the act or power of seeing:sight. The word power is used for it takes power to see beyond ordinary sight. And it is this very act that is indeed a gift within itself. So to be able to use one gift to appreciate another, which is Jesus....WOW! Jesus taught thousands at a time throughout His physical ministry. So many could see the miracles and listen to His voice. But we have this privilege as well. Not from the same physical sense but with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the gift imparted by Him. We can hear it and it also gives us the power of vision. There are many still plagued with spiritual blindness but "blessed are the eyes that see."

Monday, March 5, 2012

Specializing in the Impossible

Psalm 3:2
2Many are saying of me, "God will not deliver him.

King David fled from his son Absalom. Absalom attacked David  because his sister Tamar had been raped by her brother but felt David didn't do enough about the situation. Absalom's anger flooded to many from one situation. Absalom's anger was so intense that he sought to kill his own father. Many in the kingdom didn't think David would come out of this horrible family mess alive. Many thought God would not show up. But isn't just like our God that He shows up when everyone else thinks it's hopeless? There are so many naysayers in the world today. When we are in situations that seem impossible, God shows up to let man know He is still in charge. The situations that seem so impossible to escape from are just that impossible. But we know the Lord does the impossible so He gets the glory! It's precisely the perfect environment for God to show His power. It often humbles the naysayers because they are proven by God to have lacked the faith needed to see one through a tough situation.  But it also humbles the one whom God brings through because it's a reminder that apart from God, we are nothing and can do nothing. When naysayers that have not consulted God approach in the future, just remind them that God specializes in the impossible.