Sunday, February 8, 2015

Is the Love Obvious?

Song of Solomon 1:2, 9
2Let him kiss me with kisses of his mouth-for your love is better than wine. 9I have compared you, my love, to my filly among Pharaoh's chariots.
We are in the commercialized season of love. Love is everyday. How so? The expressions of love are made known in many ways. It's not just about how you feel but how you treat one another, time spent and how you are willing to do and care for one another.
The Song of Solomon is the "book of love" in the Old Testament. There are some very hot and heavy moments in the Song of Solomon. Yes, even in the Bible there is a place for romantic love. Remember, love is at the core of Christian life. There are many types of love but the first human relationship ever established on earth was between man and woman. Next to your relationship with God, this is a very important and influential relationship. The Shulamite woman and Solomon were obviously in love just from the scripture above. Yes, even in the life of believers, there needs to be some passion in your relationship. Passion should be fueled by love not lust. Love requires respect, care, devotion. It is noted in the NKJV Study Bible that banquets by the royal families consisted mostly of wine and thought to be the best item of consumption for celebration. The Shulamite woman emphasized that the love Solomon provided was better than wine. And no, they were not talking about intercourse itself. For it was not customary for a man and woman to consummate their relationship with intercourse until after the official marriage ceremony. And though it may seem that Solomon compared the Shulamite woman to an animal, according to the animal chart in the NKJV Study Bible, a filly was the finest of Egyptian horses. Their love for one another was very obvious. The question for you: is the love obvious? Love can never be boxed into one day or even a week. True love has no end. The strongest earthly bond is to be the marital bond as noted in Song of Solomon chapter 8. The problem is the bond between man and woman is taken for granted, misused and abused. The bond between man and woman has even been taken out of context and made to be some casual occurrence. It is not. It is a powerful one that if not nurtured correctly can leave a lot of scar tissue. But if nurtured correctly can be one full of support, companionship and passion. Your bond should not be casual. It ought to have purpose. Your bond of love ought to be obvious and have direction, not just because a day has been designated to do so. Is the love obvious?