Friday, August 23, 2019

Double Dutch in the Spirit

Have you ever played it?

The prophet Elijah played it. Queen Esther, the apostle Paul and especially Jesus Christ have all played it.

God is turning the rope on purpose to one side. The enemy of our souls is turning the rope of defeat on the other side. You are the jumper. You have to already know your stance just like in the game so you can keep your balance. You have to know when and where to jump in or out as the Holy Spirit directs, like the clicks of the ropes hitting the ground. You have to listen for the speed of the ropes. The more advanced you are in your faith walk, the more you can hear how and when to keep jumping. You can even do a little footwork like the experts in competitions and children that play it often. However; the key is not to break the rhythm nor lose your balance. Like the game, the turners are also adapting to you. The enemy will pick up speed on his rope because he sees you're doing too well. God will then increase HIS rope so you don't fall behind. The enemy is like that person that turns double-handed that messes with the flow. Though they are opposing, there still is a rhythmic pattern. You have to hear the pattern in the Spirit realm.

I pray that no matter what, you listen for when the ropes hit so you know when to jump.


Saturday, May 18, 2019

Important Information About "Broken Pieces"

The cast and production crew are EXTREMELY excited!  Some of you were not able to attend last year. That said, I am happy to announce a new relationship that brings with it the U.S. and U.K release of Broken Pieces!

"See the recently awarded production, Broken Pieces, NOW available on Amazon Prime Video! Even if you've seen it live, you've never seen it like this!" 


Be well,


Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Pressure Point

John 11:4

Sometimes, God has to allow things to get to the point where they look like they can't be salvaged, so HE will get the glory. If you could fix it in your timing so there is no trouble, you'd do it right? But then, who gets the recognition? Certainly, not God. No one likes the pressure point of any situation.

Jesus was with the disciples when He learned about Lazarus being ill. Jesus took His time. Not because HE didn't love Lazarus, for it is written that Jesus loved him. But Lazarus had to suffer. Lazarus had to suffer so others would believe that when he came out, it was nobody but by the son of God. Lazarus had to suffer to the point of death, so the faith of others would increase. Has GOD ever allowed things to look so bleak in an area of your life? Has GOD ever allowed something to look like it couldn't be turned around? Sometimes your suffering isn't for you. The word talks about us comforting others in the way we have been comforted. It's so the people around you can have belief when GOD does show up. When Jesus did show up and called Lazarus by name to get up, he did. Close calls are not by accident.

Jesus himself had to endure the negative pressure of being blamed for something he didn't do and being sentenced to death for it, so that so many of us would believe in His existence when He broke free of death. The word talks about patience in suffering. Would you suffer willingly, if it meant others would believe who GOD is and what HE is doing in your life? Some may say yes. But even Jesus asked for the cup of suffering to be removed. No one likes this part of the journey. The part of the journey where you have to look like the fool and be hurt until GOD delivers. But how would anyone know GOD is in control if they didn't have to see you look like you've been knocked down for the last time?

The next time you are at a pressure point, instead of asking God, "why me," ask, "besides me, who is it that you want to reveal your presence to?" You may be surprised.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

It's Time

Isaiah 43:19 NKJV

I THANK YOU LORD for every family member, friend, classmate, colleague, associate, anyone reading this message and EVEN persons that despise me that YOU allowed to walk into 2019!! I know the names and hearts in double digits who passed in 2018 that didn't take a breath or walk into this year. So I say that THIS year is another chance for YOU to experience a NEW thing with God.

What does this mean? For those of you who are already walking in your GOD given purpose, PRAISE THE LORD! You understand why you are here, why the LORD created you and using EVERY gift and talent HE has placed inside of you in the way HE desires. For those of you that have not, it is you I truly wish to reach at this hour. It is time! It is time for you to stop chasing anything and everything that has absolutely nothing to do with what GOD created you to do and allowed you to be here to know. One thing is true, GOD wastes no experience good or bad as discussed in Romans 8:28 and HE makes it work for HIS purpose. However, the days of you chasing emptiness and "grasping at the wind," as said in Ecclesiastes, must end. My prayer for you in 2019, is that GOD does a NEW thing in you! That the truth of your purpose be revealed, no matter what it is, and that you be at peace to run with it, no matter what HE says must go for you to follow it. I implore you, do not be found not in purpose when the Lord calls you home. For you know the Word says we must give account. What will you say? The Lord desires to say, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant," as shared in the Word. But will HE be able to say it to you? It's time to do a NEW thing and walk in the purpose that is truly for YOU in HIM.