Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Babylon is a Temporary Place

Micah 2:10

10Get up, go away! For this is not your resting place, because it is defiled, it is ruined, beyond all remedy.

The land had been filled with false prophets and Micah was called by the Lord to reiterate Israel and Judah's judgement and eventual restoration. Israel and Judah's judgement was to be driven from Jerusalem and held captive in Babylon. But eventually, they would be restored. God's wrath is not forever. THANK YOU JESUS!! If it were, all of us would've been terminated long ago. Our Heavenly Father has a heart. And for His people who were captive, the word Micah received was for them to leave Babylon after their time was served. It was a defiled place. "Beyond all remedy" means that there was nothing that could be salvaged from it. But that God's people were to return to the place they were to call home, Jerusalem. Babylon was a temporary place that was defiled by pagan ways. They couldn't take possession of anything in Babylon because God never intended for them to stay. For Israel and Judah they were to return to the land that God says was theirs.

Have you ever been in a place you thought was permanent?  When God says it's temporary, it's just that. If it's not a place to call home, then you are not to get comfortable there. You are not to be complacent. When God says Get up, be ready to get up. If He says there's nothing you can go back for, then trust, there's nothing there but ruins. Ruins are nothing but feeble remains of what used to be. Ruins are not to be rebuilt in any way. If there's something in your life that was a Babylon, which is a place of punishment and lessons, once the lessons are learned, God expects you to move from that place. It served its purpose but to stay there means you are holding up the restoration process God has for you. You are telling God you do not desire the loving kindness He wants to offer by bringing you out. By staying in Babylon beyond your allotted time, you're defiling yourself. Let it go and let God bring you back to what is yours.

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