Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Unique Inheritance

Psalm 47:4
4He chose our inheritance for us, the pride of Jacob, whom he loved.  Selah

The psalmist recalled the love of God and praised Him for what He's done for Israel, the descendants of Abraham. The psalmist praised God for choosing such a wonderful inheritance for the ones He called His people. The inheritance is the promise land. It was the land that He promised Abraham and those under Egyptian rule. If you are in relationship with Christ, there's an inheritance for you also. Jesus told the disciples that where He had to go would have many mansions and He'd prepare a place for each of us. That sounds like an inheritance doesn't it?. But that's a long way off you say? Well the Lord also has an inheritance for us here on earth as well. How so? When the Lord created each of us, He knew exactly who He wanted us to be and what He wanted for each of us. The catch is we have to seek Him before we get to the inheritance. Yes, the Lord has something special for each of us. Peace, love, joy yes these are all part of the inheritance but there's something unique just for you. Many of us miss out on the inheritance because we're too busy looking at what the Lord created for someone else. Whatever you pick as your inheritance here on earth still will never measure up to what the Lord has uniquely for you. Why? Because we often think less of ourselves than what the Lord thinks of us. Therefore, we pick what we think we're worth. The Lord always believes we're worth more than we think because He fashioned us after Him.

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