Friday, August 23, 2019

Double Dutch in the Spirit

Have you ever played it?

The prophet Elijah played it. Queen Esther, the apostle Paul and especially Jesus Christ have all played it.

God is turning the rope on purpose to one side. The enemy of our souls is turning the rope of defeat on the other side. You are the jumper. You have to already know your stance just like in the game so you can keep your balance. You have to know when and where to jump in or out as the Holy Spirit directs, like the clicks of the ropes hitting the ground. You have to listen for the speed of the ropes. The more advanced you are in your faith walk, the more you can hear how and when to keep jumping. You can even do a little footwork like the experts in competitions and children that play it often. However; the key is not to break the rhythm nor lose your balance. Like the game, the turners are also adapting to you. The enemy will pick up speed on his rope because he sees you're doing too well. God will then increase HIS rope so you don't fall behind. The enemy is like that person that turns double-handed that messes with the flow. Though they are opposing, there still is a rhythmic pattern. You have to hear the pattern in the Spirit realm.

I pray that no matter what, you listen for when the ropes hit so you know when to jump.