Friday, October 12, 2018

A Very Unexpected Blessing for "Broken Pieces"

Good Afternoon,

Some of you may or may not know, but last year, I became a volunteer regional ambassador for the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA). When I have speaking engagements and educate groups on abuse, I do refer to NAASCA as well as another awesome organization that advocates on behalf of children. A little more than two and half years ago, I was on a survivor panel for a televised news segment in Washington, D.C.  I met an awesome activist during that panel. She introduced me to NAASCA. As we spoke over time, I shared that I was writing Broken Pieces. I learned that NAASCA understood and also advocated ALL forms of abuse, including what Broken Pieces covers. After Wednesday's notification email went out and yesterday, I was blessed to the point of tears. My fellow NAASCA family member responded to say she wanted to support. I thank GOD for divine connections, people and organizations that understand what it is the team seeks to do regarding Broken Pieces. So I thank you immensely ProTek Professional Technologies Consulting, Inc. for becoming a silver sponsor!

I am also VERY grateful to The Capital Tailor, Inc., while in the midst of their grand opening this weekend( ), they have graciously agreed to supply a portion of the wardrobe for Broken Pieces.  Not to mention, the CEO, Raiza is a member of our cast and is my company co-founder. Thank you to our gold sponsors, Rent-A-Center Laurel and Capital Remodeling, Inc. Thank you to our platinum sponsor, Divah' Anu Image Media. Thank you to our other silver sponsor, More Than Java Cafe. Thank you to our associate producer and national television producer, Stay Fly Entertainment and affiliate Brandstar Entertainment. Thank you to the Howard County Office of Human Rights/Human Rights Commission, Howard County Chapter of NAACP,  as well as ALL of our seed donors, advertisers, cast and crew!

"In an imperfect world, there is no perfect family. Cheyenne, a young woman in a bi-racial and blended family, is struggling with the knowledge of generational verbal and emotional abuse. She fears the brokenness within her will never be recognized. Some family wounds run generations deep. How can Cheyenne change her family tree?"  A "dramedy" that will make you laugh, cry and think about how you interact with family. Curtain is just about one week away! Do you have your ticket yet? Tickets are ONLY available ONLINE at! (Shows are in order of occurrence.)

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