Monday, November 21, 2011

Call on the Lord

Isaiah 40:29
29He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

Are you tired? Call on the Lord! Do you feel weak? Call on the Lord! Are you feeling like you can't handle another curve ball of circumstances? Call on the Lord!  The Lord is the creator of heaven and earth. He gives us everything we need, sometimes even before we ask for it. The Lord used the prophet Isaiah to comfort His people, especially because of what was coming. Hezekiah was still king and Babylon had not yet captured the Israelites but God's people were battling the Assyrians. The Lord knew His people were tired. Hezekiah knew his kingdom was tired. They were tired of fighting. Hezekiah wanted to encourage his kingdom. But the Lord offered something that no one could. His strength and power. What can you do with the Lord's strength and power?  You can stand in the most challenging of circumstances with grace. You can have the power you need in order to make things happen that otherwise couldn't possibly be. The Lord can do everything but fail! But we have to learn to call on Him. We must know that without Him, nothing will be accomplished and long lasting. Call on the Lord!

P.S. A huge THANK YOU to all those that came out on Saturday, November 19th to the book signing at John 3:16 Christian Bookstore!

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